In 2007, Newnan Utilities proudly announced the implementation of a long term, practical solution for bio-solid reuse with the development of a composting program. This responsible choice will create a soil additive byproduct to be used in landscape applications. Our state-of-the-art composting site will provide an alternative solution to landfill dumping, solidifying our position of accountable environmental management.

In an effort to continue providing the highest level of service possible and to continue to maintain our facility and asphalt driveway in a way that keeps our customers’ staff and trucks safe, we will be implementing a rate increase on tree waste disposal. The rate increase will go into effect on May 1, 2019. You will see the increase starting with your June statement, reflecting the loads hauled during the month of May.

Tree Waste Disposal and Compost Pricing

The Benefits of Newnan Utilities' Compost Facility Include:

  • Ease of entry and exit; completely paved for no rain delays
  • Data collection system to provide a fast turnaround time for haulers
  • Convenient location
  • Flexible hours of operation as needed to accommodate large hauls

Compost Facility Address:
2034 West Highway 34, Newnan, GA 30263
Phone: 770-683-5516