A community-operated energy provider brings to the table something no other electricity provider can supply: a single point of contact for resources, including electricity.

In the world of energy, you have more choices than ever before. The emerging competitive market in
electricity and energy-related services has created a supermarket from which the business customer
may shop. Your decision is tough. We want to help!

As member of the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG), Newnan Utilities offers a unique
electrical package that features competitive rates, reliable service and innovative ideas that you would
not expect from a utility company. Through the MEAG partnership, Newnan Utilities has at its disposal
a statewide generation and transmission corporation with ownership in four power plants in Georgia and
a transmission system spanning the state. Couple this with local customer service and 24-hour care and
you have the ingredients for a successful business.

Newnan Utilities' current power distribution and monitoring system will easily accommodate aggressive business and residential growth in the city and outlying areas. Newnan Utilities offers customers the shared services and buying power that result in competitive rates and reliable, user-focused service.

Applicability of Commercial Service: Applicable to non-residential uses where the metered demand is less than 50 kilowatts. A high load factor customer using an average usage of no less than 10,000 kWh per month may request service under the large power tariff. At the sole option of the General Manager of Newnan Utilities, such customer may be so reclassified for a period of not less than eleven (11) months.