Treatment Plants:
Wahoo Creek - capable of treating 3 million gallons per day
Mineral Springs - capable of treating .75 million gallons per day

How Is My Wastewater Treated?
After water leaves a residence or business, it enters our collection system, which delivers it to one of our two wastewater treatment facilities. Upon entering the facility, the wastewater travels through a bar screen and grit collector. This equipment physically removes most large material from the waste stream. The wastewater then enters an oxygen-deprived zone that provides an excellent environment for the removal of phosphorus by bacteria. After the phosphorus is removed, the wastewater is discharged to an oxygen rich zone where thriving aerobic bacteria remove ammonia. The wastewater then goes through a series of clarifiers where solids are settled out and then disposed of. The wastewater is then sent to the contact chamber where chlorine is added to insure the removal of bacteria. The now clean water is then dechlorinated and sent down cascading aerators to insure high oxygen content before being discharged into the receiving stream.