Every Drop Counts!
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Take the 10-Minute Water Sense Challenge

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These simple tips will save money on your water bill every month. For more ideas on using water wisely, visit

1) When permitted, water your lawn using a hose. If grass springs back after stepping on it and lifting your foot, it doesn't need water. Saves 750 to 1,500 gallons a month.

2) Turn the water off while brushing your teeth and shaving. Saves 3 gallons a day.

3) Fill a plastic a bottle with water and pebbles and put it in your toilet tank. Displacing water saves 5 to 10 gallons a day.

4) Shorten your showers. A one or two minute reduction can save up to 700 gallons a month.

5) When permitted, drive your car onto your lawn to wash it. Rinse water can help water the grass.

6) Fix leaky faucets and plumbing joints. Saves 20 gallons a day for each leak.

7) Run only full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher. Saves 300 to 800 gallons a month.

8) Keep a bottle of drinking water in the refrigerator. This beats the wasteful habit of running tap water to cool it for drinking. Saves 200 to 300 gallons a month.

9) If you have a pool, use a pool cover to cut down on evaporation. Saves 1,000 gallons a month.

10) If you’re taking a shower, don't waste cold water while waiting for hot water. Saves 300 gallons a month.

How Water Smart Is Your Household?
Most of us like to think we are good conservationists, but is your house as water-efficient as it can be? If you are unsure, a household water use assessment might be just the thing to help you conserve water and save money at the same time

A household water use assessment is an examination and review of how much water is used in various areas of your house. It will highlight everyday activities that you can modify to save water and identify areas where small changes can make a big difference. Download the Water Smart Household Water Use Assessment Guide.