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The biggest water user in the home is the toilet. Up to 35% of the water used indoors is flushed down the drain every day. Newnan Utilities is offering customers an incentive to conserve water within their home. Customers shall be eligible to receive a rebate on their utility bill for each toilet they replace that meets the following criteria.

  1. The new toilet installed shall be a high efficiency toilet, using 1.28 gallons per flush, which have earned the Water Sense Label.

  2. The customer applying for the rebate shall be the owner of the residence.

  3. The customer applying for the rebate shall be a current customer of Newnan Utilities.

  4. The customer applying for the rebate must be current on their utility bill.

  5. The Application is available at Newnan Utilities Customer Service locations at 70 Sewell Rd or 315 Millard Farmer Industrial Blvd. Application is also available on our website.

  6. The application shall be submitted to either Newnan Utilities Customer Service locations.

  7. The customer shall bring a valid receipt for the toilet(s) installed when submitting application.

  8. It is the customer’s responsibility to have the toilet installed, not Newnan Utilities.

  9. The customer shall agree to allow Newnan Utilities Employees to enter residence to confirm toilet(s) installation.

  10. Maximum rebate amount per residence is 3 toilets per year.

Toilet Rebate Policy:
By submittal hereof, customer acknowledges that the rebate is a one-time rebate to be received only if the customer has purchased eligible toilets after December 1, 2015 and is in good financial standing with Newnan Utilities. Customer also acknowledges that the credit of $100.00 is only available for WaterSense Label High Efficiency Toilets and will be credited on bill within 3 months. Customer further acknowledges that the rebate program is subject to available funds and may be cancelled at any time without notice.

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